“Laser Dentistry: Illuminating Dental Care“

Laser Dentistry

Minimally Invasive

Laser dentistry offers minimally invasive treatment options, reducing the need for incisions or sutures in many procedures.

Reduced Discomfort

Laser dentistry often results in reduced discomfort during and after procedures, as it minimizes trauma to the tissues and reduces the need for anesthesia.


Laser technology can be used for a wide range of dental procedures, including cavity preparation, gum reshaping, soft tissue surgeries,..


Lasers can precisely target specific areas of the mouth, allowing for more accurate treatment with minimal damage to surrounding tissues.

Faster Healing

The use of lasers can promote faster healing times compared to traditional methods, as they stimulate tissue regeneration and minimize post-operative swelling and discomfort.


Lasers have the ability to sterilize the treatment area, reducing the risk of infection and promoting better overall oral health outcomes.

Laser Dentistry

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Laser dentistry is most innovate type of dental care. Laser dentistry used is carry-out a lot of dental procedures, and it is considered to be safer and an efficient way. It depends on how a dentist can control the output of power, period of the tissue’s exposure (whether gum or tooth structure), as well as allowing treatment of a highly specific area of concentration without destruction of tissues around to enhance dental procedures.

You may want to find laser dentists who have integrated laser techniques so to ensure extreme comfort and safety this may be because some patients may consider themselves as an anxious dental patient. It has been discovered that not greater 6 percent of laser dentists own a laser for soft-tissue applications, which is expected to increase in number over time. A Higher number of dentists will use the advanced technology to provide patients with a precise therapy to reduce pain and time of recovery.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • A suture is not necessarily needed as procedures are performed using soft tissue dental lasers.
  • Doesn’t require anesthesia
  • High energy beam sterilizes the specific area worked on minimizing the risks of contracting infections
  • Bleeding is minimized due to coagulation of exposed blood vessels is aided by high energy light beam, thus inhibiting blood loss.
  • Lesser damage to the surrounding tissue.
  • Wounds heal faster, and tissues can be regenerated.


There are various benefits why you should consult a laser dentist. A patient is being allowed to enjoy a more relaxed dental experience as the dentist may not need to make use of a drill or administer anesthesia in some cases.  This could be more precise in laser procedures. Nevertheless, laser minimizes symptoms and recovery time which are related to traditional treatment. A laser dentist also helps in the reduction of the number of bacteria in both gum tissue and in tooth cavities which may be infected, lastly, a laser dentists control bleeding during surgical operations.

Laser Dentistry


Certain patients might be amazed to realize that laser dentistry is not unique when compared to other dentistry procedures such as teeth filling as they come for their dental appointment. Though you might receive anesthesia it won’t be much of use to receive it during the previous times. A sedative is induced in some patients who experience anxiety, too. Unlike other traditional treatment, you won’t feel any pain nor discomfort from the laser as the laser dentistry procedures are performed. As the laser dentists work on your tissues, your mouth is propped open any bleeding that occurs gets wiped away, just like before.

The Types of Lasers Used in Dentistry

Dentists make use of only two major types of lasers as they perform their laser procedures which are hard tissue and soft tissue lasers. Both lasers have their own unique set of the wavelength that enables them to make proper cutting into that specific type of tissue. This is considered possible as each type of tissue absorbs wavelengths of light in different ways. Some specialist discovers compatible wavelength suitable for the tissue in your mouth by changing the light’s wavelength.

Hard Tissue Lasers: Erbium YAG and the Erbium chromium YSGG are types of hard tissue lasers which have a wavelength which is highly absorbed by hydroxyapatite (calcium phosphate salt found in bone and teeth) and water, making efficient enough for cutting through tooth structure. Primarily hard tissue lasers are used to cut through bone and teeth with precise accuracy.

Soft Tissue Lasers: Soft tissue lasers comprises of a wavelength which is absorbed by water and hemoglobin at a high rate. (Oxygenating protein in red blood cells), which makes them be soft tissue manageable effectively. Neodymium YAG (Nd: YAG) and diode lasers are the most common soft tissue laser used, which might be featured as a part of periodontal therapy and also can eliminate bacterial diseases and activate the regeneration of tissues. With the use of carbon-dioxide laser damages to surrounding tissue are decreased and tissue is removed faster than the fiber optic method. People feel no postoperative pain during dental procedures following the use soft tissue lasers because soft tissue lasers penetrate soft tissue while sealing blood vessels and nerve endings. Faster heal is enabled because of soft tissue laser.

Some already established dental laser technology which can be used to produce both hard and soft tissue laser energy, depending upon the patient’s requirements.

Commonly, lasers are known for cutting and shaping hard, and soft tissues, specifically other kinds of lasers are developed for internal viewing of the teeth and cells using a non-invasive imaging technique, Optical Coherence Tomography. Some lasers are used for the provision of energy and specific proteins that enables transmission of messages and signals between cells to suit the body’s natural ability to use light apparition to heal damaged cells.

San Diego Laser Dentistry

The Future of Dental Lasers

Owing to the fast-growing popularity of laser dentistry, dental procedures may soon be performed quicker, more efficiently and more comfortably. Years back Laser (L light A amplification by S stimulated Emission of R radiation) technology has been used in several types of healthcare procedures. Just as the dental laser technology continues to enhance, there is an increase in the number of laser dental offices across the world, as well as the reduction in the cost of treatment.

Dental lasers are being used to remove incrustation which forms in the teeth and gum during dental professional cleaning, and also serves as a replacement for traditional root planning procedure, presently carried out using a surgical instrument called a curette that can be harmful to the tissue’s surrounding. Another benefit of laser dentistry is that it is possible for dentists to access any part of the tooth with the use of dental lasers, as the need for the traditional dental drill will not be required. A patient whom experience fear and anxiety will feel relieved when they go to the dentist for proper dental care.


Lasers can be used for many dental procedures, including implant surgeries, biopsies, frenectomies, periodontal disease, gum contouring, treatment for gingivitis, as well as for canker sores and cold sores. The laser treatment is precise and bloodless. Laser therapy produces amazing success in treating aphthous ulcers with laser and healing is considerably fast. The main goal of laser therapy is to stop the pain and the laser triggers a rapid healing response.

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