Meet the new dental guidelines 2024 California

September 22, 2015

Meet the new dental guidelines 2024 California

Starting in 2024, California dentists will be impacted by various state laws. The California Dental Association outlined these regulations in a post on its website dated October 26. Here’s a breakdown of the new laws:

  1. Senate Bill 616 grants California employees the right to take up to 40 hours of paid sick leave.
  2. Effective January 1, a law prohibits employers from penalizing or discriminating against applicants or employees for off-the-clock and off-site cannabis use.
  3. Senate Bill 700 bars most employers from inquiring about an applicant’s previous cannabis use during the employment process.
  4. Amendments to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act now require employers to grant eligible employees leave for reproductive loss.
  5. A new law establishes a presumption in favor of employees if employers retaliate against protected conduct within 90 days of a related activity.
  6. Noncompete agreements become invalid as of January 1.
  7. Senate Bill 365 amends the state’s Code of Civil Procedure to prevent automatic stay of trial court proceedings during appeals related to arbitration petitions.
  8. All employment contracts featuring restrictive covenants are rendered unenforceable.
  9. Employers must establish and implement workplace violence prevention plans by July 1.
  10. Starting August 1, minors seeking work permits must receive a document explaining their basic labor rights.
  11. Employers can electronically provide information on the Earned Income Tax Credit and Unemployment Insurance Program until January 1, 2029, for employees who opt into receiving electronic statements or materials.
  12. The state’s Small Employer Family Leave Mediation Program is extended until January 1, 2025.

California dentists will encounter a range of new state laws in 2024, including provisions for paid sick leave, protections regarding cannabis use, restrictions on noncompete agreements, and requirements for workplace violence prevention plans, as outlined by the California Dental Association.

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