Sleep Apnea Dentist in San Diego, CA

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Custom oral appliances

Dentists create personalized oral devices to help keep the airway open during sleep, reducing apnea episodes.

Treatment coordination

They collaborate with sleep specialists to ensure patients receive comprehensive care, often managing follow-up appointments and adjustments to oral appliances.

Oral anatomy assessment

Dentists evaluate the oral and pharyngeal structures to determine the most effective appliance design tailored to each patient’s needs.

Diagnosis assistance

Dentists play a crucial role in identifying sleep apnea symptoms during routine dental exams, prompting referrals for diagnosis and treatment.

Patient education

Dentists educate patients about sleep apnea risks, the importance of treatment compliance, and proper oral appliance usage for optimal results.

Follow-up care

Regular dental visits allow dentists to monitor the effectiveness of treatment, address any concerns, and make necessary adjustments to maintain therapeutic outcomes.

Sleep Apnea Services in San Diego

Helping You Achieve A Restful Night’s Sleep

At Korel Family Dentistry, we understand the seriousness of sleep apnea and are dedicated to providing the best possible care for our patients. We are passionate about helping you get the restful sleep you deserve with our customized, comprehensive sleep apnea treatments.

Our experienced team works with each patient to develop a personalized plan that fits your needs and goals. We strive to give you peace of mind knowing that we’ll help you find the right solution – so you can rest easy.

Sleep Apnea Treatment
Sleep Apnea Treatment

What Is Sleep Apnea Dentistry?

Sleep apnea dentistry is a specific field of dental care that focuses on helping patients living with sleep apnea get the restful night’s sleep they need. Diagnosing sleep apnea starts with an in-depth consultation to review your medical history and discuss how the condition is impacting your quality of life. Your primary physician may diagnose sleep apnea before you arrive, or our sleep apnea dentist can examine you for signs.

Your dentist will examine the mouth, throat, and tissue structures to identify physical traits that may be causing your sleep disruption. If needed, special X-rays or imaging studies may also be ordered, in order to get a more detailed view of what’s going on. If sleep apnea is confirmed, treatment options will be discussed to help relieve symptoms and allow you to enjoy sleep with ease once again.

Your dentist can recommend custom appliances or treatments to help improve airflow in the jaw and stop any snoring that may be occurring. For example, your dentist may suggest an oral appliance or mandibular advancement device to reposition the jaw and open up the airway for more efficient breathing.

Additionally, your sleep apnea dentist may recommend lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol before bed, or losing weight to further reduce symptoms of sleep apnea. With this targeted approach, Korel Family Dentistry provides comprehensive sleep solutions without the need for long-term medications or masks.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Dentistry

Our experienced and professional team is committed to helping all of our patients receive the best possible treatment for their specific needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our sleep apnea dentist and learn how we can assist you in resting easy once again!

If you have been looking for dental services regarding sleep apnea in El Cajon, look no further. At Korel Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves in helping patients find the most effective sleep apnea solutions available. Our comprehensive approach to diagnosis, treatment, and care ensures that every patient receives the best possible outcome. We are dedicated to providing personalized care with a focus on improving quality of life and restoring restful nights of sleep.

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